Prozas Security offers professional and trained bodyguard services tailored for individuals in Malaysia. We always offer the ideal security services according to what our client needs.

Undeniable, the demand of bodyguard is on the rise in Malaysia. This is because Malaysian are not feeling safe due to the rise of criminal rate. So they hire bodyguards to protect themselves and to keep their property safe from crime.

A professional bodyguard must be well-trained and required to possess with specialized skills. The specialized skills that a bodyguard should possessed are first aid and CPR, defensive tactics, tactical shooting, hostage negotiation, and so on. The most important skill is the bodyguard must has the ability to maintain the confidentiality of clients at all the times.

Here are some daily tasks for bodyguard. For example, arrival at destination, bodyguard will enter the location first to confirm the location is secure. So that, they can bring their client in to the location. The other daily task is transferring client to vehicle. Once the car has been inspected and ready to use, the car will brought into the position which is near to the exit door where the client will leave. Then the bodyguard team will flanks the client to the car.

Prozas Security provides professional bodyguard service in Malaysia.

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