Prozas Security provides high quality and advanced Close Circuit Television (CCTV) and Alarm System in Malaysia.

Nowadays, crime against neighbourhood such as burglary, robbery, and theft is happened everywhere. With the rise of criminal rate, home security system is important to keep house and property safe.

Commonly, people install CCTV and alarm system in their home. So that, they can observe their home through monitor of laptop or phone, even they are far away from their home. The security alarm system is designed to detect unauthorised entry into a building or other area. Security alarm system widely used in residential, commercial and industrial for protection against crime or property damage.

The installation of CCTV and alarm system is able to reduce the possibility of crime. Unfortunately, if crime happens, police investigators also able to use the CCTV footage to track the suspicious. In short, home security system play a main role to prevent crime happens.

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