Prozas Security provides professional security systems, including CCTV System Installation in Malaysia.

Due to the rising of criminal rate nowadays, the installation of CCTV system in residential, commercial and industrial area is a must to prevent the crime happens. CCTV system allows the owner to observe their area and property through monitor, even they are far away from the area. Besides that, the CCTV footage also able to be an evidence for police investigators if crime happens. Police investigators can use the footage to track the suspicious. Thus, the installation of CCTV system is able to prevent the crime happens.

Prozas Security Mobile Security Patrol (MSP) activities can be monitored at the CMS station by using the reliable equipment and facilities such as CCTV, GPS and Real Time Patrolling Guard Tour Data. So if there is any emergency was detected, Emergency Response Team (ERT) team will immediately attend and coordinate such emergency measures. Therefore, the installation of CCTV is able to reduce the possibility of crime.

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