Prozas Security provides K9 Unit with trained dogs as well as the handlers. The dogs are trained to always be alert of the situation and suspicious people.

K9 also called as Canine, is a dog that is specifically trained to assist police or other law-enforcement officer. K9’s duties included detecting illegal substances, chemicals or explosives. Also, finding crime scene evidence, track and rescue missing persons, attack people targeted by police, and so on. K9 is used mainly and widely for personal protection, tracking, or backup.

Training of K9 is a very long process since it begins with the training of the K9 handler. The K9 handler must go through a long process of training too, to ensure that they will train the dog to the best of its ability. A well-trained K9 dog must be always be alert to the situation and suspicious people.

So, a well-trained K9 is a security guard dog which is able to protect people from danger. Last but not least, it could help law-enforcement officers to find out illegal substances and track the missing people.

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