Prozas Security provides mobile security patrol service in Malaysia, a patrolling service around the clients’ outlet whilst performing inspection.

Mobile Security Patrol (MSP) is a periodic patrolling service and visits to client’s outlet and perform inspection at the premises. The patrolling activities can be monitored at the Central Monitoring Station. With the use of reliable equipment and facilities such as GPS and Real Time Patrolling Guard Tour Data.

It can help to reduce the criminal rate of the neighbourhood. Because it can also prevent vandalism, theft and trespassers. Moreover, it helps to provide immediately response to emergency situations if there is any emergency such as fires was detected.

With the emergency situations detected by mobile security patrol team, Emergency Response Team (ERT) will immediately attend and coordinate such emergency measures. If a robbery happens, ERT are dispatched to the location as an added reinforcement. Then, the premises will be cordoned off using cordoning tapes pending the arrival of the police or other authorities.

MSP works together with ERT to give the best security service for client.

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