Prozas Security’s armed guards are approved and trained by PDRM. Our armed guards have valid issued carry & use (C&U) firearm licences.

Prozas Security is home to a professional private investigation team ready to conduct investigations according to our client’s needs.

Private investigation is conducted by private investigators. Private investigators are hired for a variety of personal, business or legal reasons. They can work full time as employees or work with private detective firms and police departments under contract.

Private investigators work on vetting potential employees, conducting credit checks and investigating insurance claims. Besides of that, for personal issues, they work to investigate a cheating spouse and track down missing persons as well. Their duties included surveillance, taking pictures for compiling evidence, conducting background checks, and so on.

For example, employers can hire private investigators to protect themselves by performing background checks on all the potential employees. This is very important to prevent the companies from hiring people with criminal records or troubling behaviours.

Prozas Security provides professional private investigation service for you to prevent unwanted troubles.

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