Prozas Security is a certified security company which offers professional bodyguard services according to client’s needs.

Bodyguard is one type of security guard who works to protect a person or group of people – usually high-ranking public officers, celebrities, and wealthy people. Bodyguard is security specialists that protect individuals from physical harm. Besides that, bodyguard also prevent the possible kidnappings, assassination, destruction or theft of property, and other related tasks.

To be a professional bodyguard, the person must be well-trained. Besides of maintain in good physical shape, a professional bodyguard also required to possess specialized skills such as first aid and CPR, defensive tactics, tactical shooting, hostage negotiation and so on.

A professional bodyguard need to be able to communicate such as understand client’s need and speak clearly to client. A professional bodyguard also need to have good problem solving skill. So that, they can solve all the problems to keep their clients in safe environment. A professional bodyguard need to always alert to environment and people around too. They need to be aware of other’s reactions and understand the possible causes.

But actually there are many skills that can only be obtained through experience. In addition, the ability to maintain the confidentiality of clients at all the times is one of the most important skills too.


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