Program Imunisasi Covid-19 Kebangsaan

Program Imunisasi Covid-19 Kebangsaan has been launched by Malaysia Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on 24 February 2021. Prozas Security personnel among the earliest to get vaccinated as security industry is part of essential services in Malaysia and categorized under Phase 1 of the program.

As for Prozas Security, six (6) security personnel were vaccinated during Phase 1 of Program Imunisasi Covid-19 Kebangsaan since it started.

There were four (4) security personnel has been vaccinated at Sarawak branch as they are the frontliners at KPJ Miri Specialist Hospital. One of them has been vaccinated on 9 March 2021 and the three others vaccinated on the next day.

Meanwhile, in Kuala Ketil, Kedah, two (2) of our security personnel has been vaccinated on 9 March 2021 and currently waiting for the second dose in 21 days’ time from the first dosage.

All our security personnel are currently vaccinated with Pfizer dose exported from United State of America with 95% effectiveness rate.

There will be more security personnel to be vaccinated in the near future and we hope the situation getting better in Malaysia.