TM Security Guard Upskill Training

An intensive training, Kursus Upskill Pengawal Keselamatan (PK) Swasta Security Management Telekom Malaysia Siri 1/2020 was held on 7 March 2020 in collaboration with Coinage Sdn. Bhd., Kawalan Keselamatan Anugerah Sdn. Bhd., Mindrace Security Services Sdn. Bhd. and Active Network Security Services Sdn. Bhd.

The training was conducted in cooperation with Security Management Telekom Malaysia Menara TM, Security Management Telekom Malaysia Kuala Lumpur and Security Management Telekom Malaysia Selangor.

The training that involved 15 personnel from Prozas Security and 110 security personnel from other security service providers was held at Mini Hall 1, TM Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur from 08:00 am until 06:00 pm.

The training began with a parade inspection and a photo session with VP SB TM, General manager SM & OSHE, President PIKM Zon Wilayah and Company Directors from each security vendors.

The training then proceeds with launching from VP SB TM, prayer recitation by Ustaz Alias Abdul Rahim and award ceremony of Anti-Crime Patrol (ACP).

There were three modules presented during the training as the first module focused on Integrity and Work as A Worship by Ustaz Alias Abd Rahim.

The second module that emphasize on Effective Security was conducted by Tuan Ahmad Shukri bin Tuan Sulaiman.

While module 3, Service Mannerisms for Security Guard by Service Culture was focused on the right way in deliver a good service to the clients.

As the closing of the program, the awards ceremony was held to those who participated in the training, the best member award from each vendor and overall best staff award.